Optimize your shipping process with Shipmondo integration for Odoo

In an effort to provide our customers with the most efficient and streamlined shipping solution, FlexERP has developed a robust integration between the Odoo ERP system and Shipmondo.

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Automate and simplify your shipping process with Shipmondo integration

Our Odoo-Shipmondo integration is tailored to simplify and automate your shipping process, freeing up valuable time and resources in your business.

With the integration, you gain access to a wide range of delivery options through Shipmondo's platform, including well-known carriers.

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How the integration works

1. Automatic transfer of shipping information: 
When you confirm a shipment in Odoo, all necessary shipping information is automatically transferred to Shipmondo, after which the selected carrier receives the information about the shipment

2. Tracking link and label printing directly in Odoo: 
Once the shipment is transferred, you can access a tracking link in Odoo, and you also have the option to print shipping labels directly from Odoo.

Easy konfiguration

Getting started is simple and straightforward. Just create a free account on Shipmondo, and copy/paste the API keys into Odoo. We are, of course, ready to assist with the API key setup if needed.

Integrate Shipmondo with Odoo

About Shipmondo

Shipmondo is a complete shipping solution that handles your entire shipping process from order receipt to package dispatch, and with this integration, we elevate your freight handling to the next level. Whether you have your own freight agreements or not, Shipmondo makes it possible for you to send parcels and pallets worldwide at attractive prices, all from your Odoo dashboard.

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