Accounting service

Let us handle your daily bookkeeping in the Odoo Accounting app  

Get more time to do the core activities of your business

Get up-to-date financial reports

Get started through these simple steps:



We meet, clarify your needs, and calculate a price


We set up your accounting system


On a set date we start doing your bookkeeping

See your accounting

You are up and running and is able to see an up to date state of your finances online

Book a non-binding meeting!

We meet online or at our office for a non-binding conversation where we go through your needs, demonstrate the system and make a customized quotation that fits your bookkeeping needs.


With FlexERP Accounting service, we will handle all in- and outgoing accounting documents, reconcile and keep your bank statements up-to date. Then you can spend more time and focus on your business, and still easily keep an overview of your financial status in real time. We can also assist with your VAT reporting and payroll administration for danish employees.

We are specialists  in both Odoo ERP and Odoo accounting

We only use Odoo Accounting for our accounting service. If you already use Odoo we only require that you purchase an extra user license for an external accounting user. If you are not currently using Odoo we can offer you the standard Accounting app for free. If at any time you wish to add more apps to your database - for example Inventory or Project - you will have to purchase a license for your Odoo system. 

We work closely with your auditor. This ensures that auditing and the annual accounts are done as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Receipts and bills

We post your bills in Odoo and set up bank payments.
It's possible to set up an internal bill approval flow.
Take a photo of your receipts with your phone and send it to Odoo, or ask your vendors to send bills directly to Odoo using a specific vendor bill email.

Bank reconciliation

We import your bank statements to Odoo, post your bank entries and reconcile incoming and outgoing payments. This way your finances are up-to-date, and you will always have an overview of open and overdue payments etc.

Updated reporting​

​You will always be able to track your business finances and pull reports such as profit and loss, balance sheet, aged payables and aged receivables.

Everything Digital & Online

Bills and receipts are received by email in Odoo and everything is handled digitally. Communication with your external accountant (FlexERP) is also carried out directly in Odoo.  

Prices - getting started

In order to get started we will have to define your needs and configure your Odoo Accounting app afterwards. The monthly price is calculated based on the complexity of your bookkeeping setup and the number of extra features you would like to make use of.

Price, accounting services

Price for accounting service varies depending on volume, complexity and needs.

Accounting service from 2.495,- / month ex. VAT


kr. 2495,-

/ per month excl. VAT
  • 1 x weekly posting of entries, bank import and reconciliation
  • 250 bilag, 500 bankposteringer pr. år
  • 1 bank account


kr. 6495,-

/ per month excl. VAT
  • 1 x weekly posting of entries, bank import and reconciliation
  • 600 bills/invoices, 800 bank entries
  • 3 bank accounts
  • Approval flow on vendor bills

Basic configuration

kr. 1.995 ,-

One-time price
  • Configuration of Odoo Accounting
  • Creation of users​
  • Setting up chart of accounts, bank accounts, journals, currencies

Clarification meeting

kr. 0,-

first visit is free of charge
  • 2 hours online or at the FlexERP office
  • We clarify your accounting needs
  • Preparation of quotation and the agreement basis
  • Non-binding

Customer/vendor import

kr. 995 ,-

One-time price
  • Import of customers and vendors from Excel
  • Up to 1.000 customers/vendors
    (if more - ask for a price)
  • Requires excel sheet with structured data

Prices & Functionalities

  • Standardydelser, der afregnes direkte om måneden

Basic Accounting* 
Extended Accounting**
Set price 0-500 bank entries
1 x Weekly posting (vendor bills / customer invoices / bank / approval)
kr. 595,- per month kr. 595,- per month
Set price 500-1000 bank entries
1 x Weekly posting (vendor bills / customer invoices / bank / approval)
kr. 995,- per month kr. 995,- per month
2 x 15 minutes support per month
Only for accounting-related support. Further use of support is charged with an hourly rate of kr. 550.
incl. in set price
incl. in set price
Access to online reports Profit and loss, balance sheet, aged payables/receivables, follow up report
incl. in set price
incl. in set price
Vendor bills/customer invoices, simple Posting of simple bills/invoices with no more than 1 bill/invoice line
kr. 3,75 per bill/invoice
kr. 3,75 per bill/invoice
Vendor bills/customer invoices, extended (added cost)
Added cost for bills/invoices that contain more than 1 line. Please note that the extra cost is per line.
kr. 1,88 per bill/invoice line
kr. 1,88 per bill/invoice line
Vendor bills, extended (added cost)
Added cost for vendor bills that should be matched with a purchase order. Please note that the extra cost is per bill line.
Not possible
kr. 1,88 per bill line.
Requires an Odoo subscription to the Purchase app
Vendor bank payment
Vendor payments are set up in online banking. The customer approves the payment in the bank afterwards.
kr. 7,50 per bill
kr. 7,50 per bill
Bank reconciliation weekly
Once a week all bank entries are imported to Odoo and posted/reconciled. Including reconciliation of customer/vendor payments.
kr. 3,75 per bank entry
kr. 3,75 per bank entry
Bank reconciliation, Added cost for each extra bank account
Added cost per bank account that requires weekly reconciliation. The bank entries are included in the price for Bank reconciliation weekly.
kr. 450,- per month
kr. 450,- per month
Vendor bills, Approval flow
Købsbilag tilføjes et godkendelsesstep i Odoo, så kunden skal godkende inden bogføring/betaling.
Not possible
kr. 3,75 per bill

Tillægsydelser, afregning efter forbrug:

Receivables follow-up and control
Once every fortnight open customer entries are checked (missing reconciliation/differences etc.), and follow-up statements are sent by email using set follow-up intervals.
kr. 550,- per hour
kr. 550,- per hour
Depreciation, assets
Setting up depreciation model in Odoo and activating automatic depreciation posting when acquiring new assets. The customer (or their auditor) will have access to their assets through Odoo reporting.
kr. 550,- per hour
kr. 550,- per hour
Deferred revenue/expenses
Creation of model for deferred revenue/expenses and activation of periodic postings of entries. For example "Annual payment of insurance that should be divided per month".
kr. 550,- per hour
kr. 550,- per hour
VAT return
Periodisk momsopgørelse og indberetning til, samt bogføring og betaling af moms
kr. 550,- per hour
kr. 550,- per hour
EU sales, reporting ​
Indberetning af periodisk statistik på EU-salg til (udføres typisk sammen med momsindberetning)
kr. 550,- per hour
kr. 550,- per hour
Intrastat, reporting
Reporting of periodic statistics on export/import to Dansk Statistik.
kr. 550,- per hour
kr. 550,- per hour
Payroll, Danløn
Processing and posting payroll through Danløn.
kr. 550,- per hour
kr. 550,- per hour
Accounting support
Online/e-mail/phone support for answering accounting questions plus ad hoc accounting-related tasks.
kr. 550,- per hour
kr. 550,- per hour

* Basis Bogføring

Choose this option if you need basic bookkeeping and is not already using Odoo. An Odoo subscription is NOT required - in accordance with Odoo's "one-app-free" policy you will get a FREE system with an unlimited number of users and data. If later on your should need more functionalities, you can easily subscribe to Odoo and then continue with the existing data and configuration.

** Udvidet Bogføring

Choose this option if you are already using Odoo and/or you wish to make use of more functionalities. If you wish to use Odoo for more than just accounting, this is also the option for you.

Services where the price is determined by usage will be invoiced monthly on the first weekday of the month.​

All prices are without VAT and in accordance with our standard terms and conditions..

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