6 great reasons to do your accounting in Odoo

Full integration to your other apps

You are always fully updated on your eCommerce, POS, inventory, purchases and sales.

Flexible reporting

Modify your financial reports as needed, make new reports from scratch and compare numbers across fiscal periods.

Danish localization and language

Install the Danish localization with just a few clicks to get Danish reports, chart of accounts, tax codes etc.


Create models for reconciliation, deferred revenue/expenses, assets etc., and use your time wiser.

Possible to customize and create integrations

Odoo can be customized to match the specific needs of your business.

Intuitive and easy user surface

It's easy to find your way around Odoo and your Accounting Dashboard will give you the perfect overview of all essential accounting information.

See the full list of functionalities below.

If you only use Accounting the system is free!

In Odoo you always get your first app for free. You will only have to pay a license fee once you start using multiple apps.

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Dynamic reporting

Modify your financial reports in accordance with the needs of your company. 

Save/print as .pdf or .xlsx. 

Make direct comparisons to previous fiscal years and use filters to adjust your views.

Standard functionalities

Reconcile your bank accounts in Odoo. Possible to create automatic reconciliation models. Validate journal entries directly from the bank reconciliaiton.

Connect to your bank accounts and import bank statements to Odoo automatically.

Invoice your customers. Fully integrated with other apps such as Sale.

Create and send follow-up reports to your customers when their payments are overdue.

Aged payables report

Get a full report of aged payables based on different time periods.

Aged receivables report

Get a full report of aged receivables based on different time periods.

Partner ledger

See report for each customer/vendor separately or for all at the same time.

Analytic accounting

Add an extra layer to your accounting with analytic accounts. Can be used to track accounting entries based on projects. 

Profit and loss (report)

Flexible report that can be modified according to your needs.

Balance (report)

Flexible report that can be modified according to your needs.

Tax report

Get a quick overview of your taxes.

General ledger (report)

Get a quick overview of all your journal items per account.

Get a quick overview of your sales to companies within the EU.

Makes it easy to do your tax reporting.

Flexible financial reporting

Create new reports or modify existing reports as needed.

Danish localization

Set up your accounting quickly according to the basic Danish standards. Contains chart of accounts, tax codes, balance sheet and profit and loss report. 


Add your most important numbers to the dashboard to gain a quick overview.

  Asset models

Create models for asset management so you can create new assets quickly in the future.

  Deferred revenue/expense models

Create models for deferred revenue/expense management so it's easily manageable in the future.


Manage your customers and their information.


Manage your vendors and their information.

  Lock dates

Lock your accounting with separate lock dates for regular users, accountants and tax entries.


Create budgets for projects, departments and the entire company.

  Reconciliation models

Reconcile automatically or set up suggestions for a quicker bank reconciliation.


Activate and use different currencies. All figures are automatically calculated.

Import/export data

Import data to or export data from the system.

Full integration to all other apps in Odoo

Accounting is integrated with apps such as Inventory, Sales, Purchase and Expenses.


The system scans the receipt/bill and automatically fills out the fields in Odoo. This functionality can be purchased within the system and uses credit points.

Through the app Studio an internal approval flow can be set up on for example vendor bills.

We have created a third party app for the quick import of the accounting file from Danløn.

Export an Excel file with vendor payments to your bank (FlexERP) - COMING SOON

Export your vendor payments with just a few clicks and import them in your online bank.

Integration to Pleo (FlexERP)

Connect to Pleo and easily transfer all your transactions to Odoo.

Electronic invoicing (EDI)

Send electronic invoices to public institutions from Odoo. ​Sproom integration

Interested in Odoo?

We offer a non-binding demo of the system and a run-through of the possibilities for your business!