Everything you need to know about the new Danish accounting law

Get an overview of the new bookkeeping law, timetables, guidelines and what it means for you - who have chosen, or are considering odoo, as an accounting program​

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FlexOdoo is officially approved by the Danish Business Authority

What does this mean for you? It means that you can feel completely secure in choosing FlexERP as your partner. Our solution not only meets, but exceeds the standards of the accounting law, ensuring your company a safe and fully legal accounting process.

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Latest news (20/11-23)

The Odoo system has been submitted for approval to the Danish Business Authority. In collaboration with Odoo S.A., we have submitted an application for approval of Odoo as a standard accounting system on 31/10-23. The Danish Business Authority is currently processing the application, and the process is expected to be completed by 31/12-23.

All companies subject to accounting must meet new requirements for digitization of bookkeeping from 1/7-2024

The Odoo system already meets the basic requirements of digitizing accounting journals, as well as documenting and tracking accounting transactions. FlexERP, in collaboration with Odoo, will ensure that the Odoo Accounting System meets the final requirements during 2023 (when these are set), and is approved as a valid accounting system by the Danish Business Authority.

You can read more about the law, timetables, etc. below.

Timeline - the short version

With FlexERP as a Odoo partner, you can rest easy. We ensure that your company will be ready for the new accounting law.

January '23

FlexERP and Odoo begin adapting the Odoo system to the new requirements of the law

October '23

Odoo applies for approval with the Danish Business Authority

Oct '23 - june '24

All Odoo customers at FlexERP, who upgrade to v17, meet the new requirements

July '24

The law comes into effect and all of FlexERP's Odoo customers comply with the requirements

Timeline - the detailed version

How we ensure that users of the Odoo accounting program comply with the requirements of the law

  • Personally owned businesses must keep digital records. (Exact date not published)
  • FlexERP's customers are ready to comply with the requirements of the new accounting law.
  • Accountable businesses, obligated to submit annual reports, must use an approved accounting system for fiscal years starting from 1/7-24 and onwards.
  • FlexERP begins upgrading existing customers to approved Odoo version 17. New customers start on approved Odoo version.
  • The Danish Business Authority publishes a list of registered digital standard accounting systems that meet the requirements.
  • FlexERP starts test upgrading and trial of the new, approved Odoo version 17.
  • Deadline for application for approval of standard systems with the Danish Business Authority.
  • The Odoo standard system is expected to meet the new requirements. 
  • Odoo applies for approval with the Danish Business Authority, in collaboration with FlexERP and other Danish Odoo partners.
  • Application for approval is prepared.
  • FlexERP and Odoo's accounting product team draft any requirement specifications that the system must meet. 
  • System adaptations are initiated.
  • The new requirements for digital accounting systems (standard systems) are expected to come into effect.
  • For new accounting systems on the Danish market, the requirements apply from January 1, 2023.
  • For existing accounting systems (Odoo), the requirements are expected to apply from January 1, 2024.
  • FlexERP and Odoo's accounting product team initiate collaboration on system adaptation of the standard system to the new requirements.
  • The Danish Business Authority issues a draft of the expected detailed digital requirements for accounting systems.
  • The Danish Parliament passes a new accounting law. The law imposes new digitalization requirements on accountable businesses.

Expected requirements for accounting systems and businesses

Below are highlighted the most significant requirements for accounting systems that accountable businesses must meet from the fiscal year starting 1/7-2024 and onwards.

Requirements for businesses


The company must document their accounting processes, as well as specify the details of the accounting system used.

Approved system

The company must use an approved accounting system and publicly disclose this with a registration number.


It is the company's own responsibility to ensure that the system used complies with the law, and to ensure that the system is maintained with upcoming legal changes.

Requirements for accounting systems


The system must be approved by the Danish Business Authority in order to be marketed as an accounting system in the Danish market.

Digital documents & tracking

All transactions requiring documentation must be registered in the system with attachment of the electronic original document (pdf, jpg etc.). Changes to original transactions must be traceable.

Standard Chart of Accounts

Either a fixed defined standard chart of accounts must be used, or it must be possible to refer from one's own chart of accounts to the standard chart of accounts.

Reporting to tax authorities

There will be requirements for VAT and annual accounts (transactions) to be reported digitally.

E-invoicing & Nemhandel

The system must support the sending and receiving of e-invoices, which support the OIOUBL and PEPPOL formats. Likewise, there should be the option for registration in the Nemhandel registry.

Bank reconciliation

The system must include functions for importing electronic bank statements and reconciling them with the company's account postings.


There are requirements for backing up the system and for data to be available to the tax authorities for a minimum of 5 years, even after a possible cessation of the business.

Digital security

There are a number of requirements for the system to support standards for digital security.

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