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When you invest in awesome IT, it MUST take your business to a new level!

At FlexERP we are 100% dedicated to the ERP system Odoo - simply because it's the best ERP solution out there for ambitious businesses.

But awesome IT solutions will only take your business to a new level if you know how to use it properly. Therefore we have made it our mission to be the best Odoo consultants in the country with digitalization of business flows as our number one focus. Our main job is to enable you and your employess to make full use of your ERP system from the onset. We must create value for your business, and luckily we are passionate about delivering a service that makes you want to continue to choose us as your Odoo partner. We love our jobs the most when our customers express the major difference Odoo has made for them.

We are best at

  • Analysis - we uncover your needs and find solutions to match.
  • Process optimization - we optimize your workflows.
  • Implementation - we configure and initiate your system.
  • Customization - we customize your system to fit your business.
  • Training - we make sure you are trained to use your new system.
  • Support - we always help and guide you as needed.

We believe

  • that the right IT system is the most important tool for your business.
  • that the right IT system supports and optimizes.
  • that the right IT system creates cohesion in your business.
  • that Odoo is the right IT system!

We strive for

  • honesty - we set realistic goals and boundaries for our work.
  • knowledge - we prioritize training and improvement.
  • development - we are constantly evolving professionally, personally and as a company.
  • well-being - we are a professional and social unity that challenges, lifts and take care of each other.

We are a part of the global network Best Odoo Partners

The network consists of a number of the world's best Odoo partners who all are experts in business management specific to their respective regions. This way we will be able to ensure that our international customers are guaranteed the best service and support when implementing projects in multiple locations around the world. We have direct access to local expertise from the best Odoo consultants, and at the same time we make our own local knowledge available to international companies that are implementing projects in Denmark.

The partners of the network are very experienced working with international companies that have successfully implemented Odoo, and it is this know-how that will make up the foundation for our future collaboration. You can read more about a selection of our customers here:

Best Odoo Partners

Employees at FlexERP ApS

Alex Lyngsøe

Odoo ERP consultant, director

 - [email protected]

Petar Jurilj

Odoo ERP consultant, with development responsibilities 

 - [email protected]

Lærke Mathiasen

Odoo ERP consultant, with administrative responsibilities 
 - [email protected] 

Lasse Dam Pedersen

Odoo ERP consultant, with accounting responsibility

 - [email protected]

Mikkel Justesen

Odoo ERP consultant 

   - [email protected]

Annika Stenberg Madsen

Digital Marketing Manager & Consultant

   - [email protected]

Martin Risager Hansen


   [email protected]

Vi er placeret i 2 byer i Danmark: Gram og Aalborg...

... but we are available everywhere in the country.

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