Professional Odoo support 
and consultation

Whether your company is facing challenges with system integration, looking to streamline business processes, or in need of strategic guidance to fully leverage the ERP system, our experienced team is ready to assist. With FlexERP by your side, you can transform the way your business operates and ensure you make the most of your technological investment.

Professionel Odoo support og konsultation

Uanset om din virksomhed står over for udfordringer med systemintegration, ønsker at optimere forretningsprocesser, eller har brug for strategisk vejledning for at udnytte ERP systemet fuldt ud, er vores erfarne team klar til at hjælpe. Med FlexERP ved din side kan du transformere måden, din virksomhed opererer på, og sikre, at du får mest muligt ud af din teknologiske investering.

How can we help?

Our goal is to ensure that your Odoo ERP system always operates optimally and effectively supports your business goals. Therefore, our services cover all aspects of your system's lifecycle and include:

  • Technical support and system maintenance: We provide prompt technical assistance to resolve any system issues as well as annual updates to ensure your system is secure and up-to-date.

  • User training and performance optimization: Through training sessions, we maintain and enhance your users' skills, while continuously adding more apps as needed to meet new business requirements and optimize system performance.

  • Process and strategic optimization: Our experts assist in fine-tuning your business processes to increase efficiency and provide strategic guidance on how to best leverage all features of Odoo to your business's advantage.

Our services are available to everyone, whether you are already a customer of FlexERP or not.

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On-demand support

Our team includes several certified Odoo employees who have gained significant experience through years of working with ERP systems. As an official Odoo partner, this expertise is complemented by our close collaboration with Odoo SA, the headquarters of Odoo, enhancing our ability to address advanced technical issues.

Our approach is characterized by responsiveness and availability. Whether it's minor system customizations or complex technical issues, we are dedicated to providing timely and competent support.

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