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Don't waste time - Focus & Optimize your Business with Odoo ! 

Odoo integrates everything in one system, and creates a data-driven business - so you can spend your time on what you do best.​
Odoo feeds decision-makers with real-time updated analyzes and forecasts - the marketing team has integrated tools for communication and analysis at hand - in the warehouse and in production, barcodes, quality assurance and step-by-step intuitive guidance and updating of operational data are fast and efficient - in accounting, bank postings and expenses are loaded automatically, and you can focus on analysis and controlling. The webshop is fully integrated - no more double data here. It all comes together with a transversal digital communication layer, with a direct link to relevant information.

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Odoo Dashboard



 Odoo is built on the idea, that the ERP system must be able to cover all needs in all types and sizes of companies.

Therefore, the cornerstone of Odoo is also to follow the Open Source principle, which gives the end customer the most options, flexibility and long term security.

Here, we are not just talking about support for the traditional ERP functions such as accounting, sales/crm, inventory management, purchasing and production. Odoo embraces ALL the company's digital needs, from internal HR tools, over management reporting with KPI and dashboards, to SoMe marketing, marketing automation, newsletters, website, webshop, customer portal, etc.

Odoo is a standard system with a number of standard apps in the same database and user interface, which supports all (most) companies' business processes. But the system can also be easily adapted and expanded programmatically, according to the needs of the individual company.
The standard system is based on a professional "Enterprise" setup, where a subscription-based license model ensures that the system is continuously developed and supported, and meets modern digital standards and security terms.

The OpenSource concept means that the individual company can easily adapt with its own program extensions, integrations, etc..



One app for every need

New Odoo apps are introduced year-by-year as the requests of businesses is growing. 
This image below lists the most common ones organized in a structure related to the business areas.


Apart of these centrally developed and maintaned Odoo apps, you can access more in the Odoo Appstore

Plus you can modify and create your own, or we can do it for you.